Bad Dreams

I got to spend some time in Kimballs today with a coffee and a day-old cinammon twist writing (I hear the goddess of day-old pastry is particularly sparing of one's thighs.) I'm very happy to say I've started two Very Disturbing stories. One of them is about a little boy who goes in to sleep with his parents because he's had a bad dream about Devil Monkeys. This one's going to go into the "Wiley must not ever read this" category or he'll never snuggle with me again. I can't wait to see what happens.

Poor little boy. It's so fun now that he's old enough that I can start really having fun with him.

I was walking through his room to go to bed one night, and of *course* he was awake, pretending to have been woken up by a nightmare. Ha. You screw with me, I screw with you:

Me: "Flesh-eating zombies again?"

W, aghast: "How did you know?"

Me: "You know those dreams are really about girls." (smile, and exit).

Sometimes, parenting is too much fun.

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