It's Like Some Sick Movie...

It's going on a week now, and the kids DON'T WANT TO LEAVE THE HOUSE. Not even for food.

I guess they may as well enjoy it, because starting next week I'm kicking all our sorry asses out of the house to get some fresh air, and use them feet. But for now, it's endless games of Sorry.

Me, I'm hiding at my computer looking up "Devil Monkeys." Son #1 claims there's such a thing. They look like kangaroos with monkey faces, and they apparently jump in peoples' second-floor windows and do agressive, nasty, monkey-like things, which is why he wants to come in and sleep with me. Note to self: "fat lot of good that'll do" was perhaps not the thing to say. Oh well. Oddly, I had similar nightmares when I was around his age, except I think the creatures were levitating or using pogo sticks. Kangaroos? RIDICULOUS.

Here's some other fun: a site listing disturbing things sold on ebay, including emotionally scarring toys: http://www.disturbingauctions.com

What did Santa bring you this year?


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,

I just discovered your blog...love it! I'm thankful Santa didn't bring me the Ram's Head Snuff Mull from the disturbingebayauction site...check it out...hilarious!

Carla Smith

Fiddler said...

Carla! How nice to "see" you at Sue's blog! We miss you at chorus. Get back in touch when you can.

Take care,

P.S. Sue, my kids don't want to leave the house, either, though O. has gone out to sled. No levitating monkeys here, though vampires on staircases was my childhood nightmare theme.