They must serve great beverages on planet Wiley

So I'm in here working on my next column for the paper, and Wiley comes in with a "special Rosh Hashanah beverage." We're studying the Torah for the next few months, and I'd gotten a book out on Jewish cooking (apparently that isn't an oxymoron, and I've eaten enough dessicated chicken in my life to have earned the right to make that remark). This is along with "Cooking the Hungarian Way," "Cooking the East African Way," "Cooking the Mexican Way," Cooking the Italian Way," and "Cooking the Norwegian Way," which were all smuggled into my library bag and checked out without my knowing.

The beverage is "Cinnamon Almond Milk," and damn, it's good. He apparently modified the recipe, wrote it out with an illustration, and rated it 5 stars upon my approval.

If anything, he'll have a successful future as a barrista.

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