Organizationally Challenged

At the moment, I have a sticky note stuck on my PDA. I'm sure the information will make it into the PDA, but unfortunately not by osmosis. I'm thinking there's a flaw somewhere in my data input chain here.

I've read that one of the most effective strategies for accomplishing your goals is to spend ten minutes a night reviewing the next day and making a to-do list. Something in me just rebels at this, though. Or maybe I'm just lazy. Ten minutes seems like such a *long* time. I could do ten minutes of art, watch a segment of "Dirty Jobs," do a Sudoku, feed the guinea pigs...there's so much I could do in ten minutes. Frankly, by the time I'm done with the day and ready for the next, I'm too tired to plan anything, and I've usually forgotten to charge the darn thing anyway.

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