Creation, and Following Your Instincts

We've been reading Pearl Buck's "The Story Bible" as part of our studies. I'd never read the Adam and Eve story before, and it's bugging me. I think it's the whole "the world was just perfect until Eve had to go screw it up" thing.

I've been working on a short story called "Geeta and the Horrible Sausage Factory." Or had been working on it, about two years ago. It never went anywhere. Last night--ZAP. I think I'm going to make it into a creation story.

Now, the part about following your instincts. I'm finding it hard to figure out where in this story there will be even a little link of sausage, never mind a sausage factory. Or a *horrible* sausage factory. This should be a a huge signal flag. But I really, really want to call it that. Which way to go?

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