How Do I Look?

I don't watch TV a lot, but when I do I generally watch "Bones" or "How Do I Look." My oldest son has taken to watching "HDIL" with me because after watching "Bones" once he said he couldn't sleep for a week.

Anyways, HDIL is one of those makeover shows where some poor, deluded sap gets nominated by a loved one and then goes to LA so they and their clothes can get trashed by said loved one, another accomplice, and a professional stylist. The three of these then go shopping for three outfits, choose hair and makeup, and aforementioned sap gets to choose one outfit/hair/makeup package. This is a serious chick show, because there's a huge amount of screen time given to the individual stories and how the process affects the makeoveree. Inevitably, peoples' outsides aren't matching their insides, or their insides don't even match their insides, and it's amazing what a little kick can do.

Anyways, I've had very little relaxation time recently, so there was a vast amount of HDIL's stored on the TIVO. So time for some major mom-son-tea watching time.

Unfortunately, I've very little relaxation time and a cold, so during this fashionista marathon I'm wearing my EMS blue thermal hoody (which I've been wearing for days, because I'm COLD), with the hood ON which, frankly, makes me look like a big sperm.

And my barn coat.

Which makes me look like a big sperm in a barn coat.

I'm very sure this isn't fashionable, in any way.

So now my son has decided *I* need a makeover, which is probably true. Perhaps the "I'm about to go hiking, really, really, once I finish this entire bag of microwave popcorn" look may not be working.

Anyways, so now I'm getting fashion tips from an unwashed ten-year old boy with long scraggly hair. In response to my question of "why should I take advice from you?" I got this priceless remark: "Well, if my hair was combed and my clothes weren't dirty, and I hadn't been wearing them all week, I'd look great!"

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