The Coolest Slippers

We got these on Ebay. Amazingly, there were no other bidders. That's Shogun in the middle. That's my son wearing them, though they do fit me. They're "just bokky!"


lori said...

Inquiring minds want to know, *how* did you find these slippers on e-bay? Were you actually looking for chicken slippers?

Fiddler said...

I love them! Do you and #1 son fight over who gets to wear them?

I hope you all feel better soon, and not just because we need you at chorus this week!

soumiya said...

in case i forget to tell you when i see you, katy "i've slaughtered my chickens" mccann finally witnessed chicken sex this past weekend. gotta keep and eye on your cocks.

SUE LANDSMAN-- said...

Yes, we were actually *looking* for chicken slippers.

We don't fight over them yet, because I don't have a robe that they go "just bokky" with.

And, I have not yet witnessed chicken sex, though I hear it's brief.