A Lesson In Sticktuitiveness

One flaw I have found in myself is that I often get part way through something and then feel compelled to move on to something else. Halfway done with the laundry, it's time to clean off the counters. Those almost done? Time to check email.

I even have trouble flossing all my teeth at once. I kid you not. Two more teeth to go, and some little gremlin says "oh, you can do those tomorrow...if you stop now you can get to bed 7.5 seconds quicker!"

So today, after a therapeutic bout of lopping off rampaging bittersweet, I decided to take out one of the trees that's been growing in our front flower bed...uh...obviously long enough to have grown into a 15 foot tree with a roughly 4 inch diameter trunk. I sawed half way through, and guess what? Started thinking "this is really tedious and I'm tired..."

Then it occurred to me that having a half-sawed down tree is a tremendously stupid thing, and a thorough waste of time. If only everything else were so obvious :-)

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