Today someone said to me, in reference to home schooling (after the usual "I couldn't do that") "How do you deal with the resistance?" To being taught, specifically.

Of course, at the end of the day, I didn't have much of a brain to answer. But now that I have swept up some brains, I have what might be a few cogent thoughts. Really, I dont' think we have much "resistance" per se. I think a lot of kids resistance to learning is because they're either overscheduled and zonked, aren't interested in learning what someone thinks they should be taught, or aren't meeting the material in a meaningful or developmentally well-timed way.

I've seen the magic myself--I try to teach or explain something in the "basic skills" department. Big wall of resistance. I stop. A few months later, the kid does it on his/her own almost instantly. Or suddenly is interested after a snack. Or a half an hour later. I feel really lucky that we have the freedom to learn....I was going to finish that with something, but that's really it. The freedom to learn.

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