Those darned revisions

So I've finally gotten back to working on my novel. Now I know why people say it takes them years to finish one. While the kids were at camp this past week, I got to sit down with some very nice caffeine and figure out all of the plot kinks that I inherited from revision number 2 (lesson for all of you budding mystery novelists--never think "wouldn't it be fun if the body was missing it's head?" It's not.)

My big problem with this revision? After having the novel sit for a while, I realized I couldn't remember the name of one of the main characters. I'm no pro, but I can take a hint. That's a bad sign.

I reworked the first seven chapters this morning, and there aren't any drastic changes I need to make, short of adding a chapter. I'm hoping I can have the darn thing done by September.

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